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PhoolBari FM 100.6


PhoolBari FM 100.6 MHz Nepal Online

The PhoolBari FM Radio is the most popular radio channel positioned at the point of Bardiya, Nepal. It is the main center of information segments providing the healthy interesting programs with full of helpful voices. Taking the responsible of being a high quality channel it also offer the advantage of creating and granted institution for contributing in raising attention of audience via the efficient, more useful and community-based programs among the all group receivers in Nepal.

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Radio Paschim Today


Radio Paschim Today 88.8 Mhz Live Online

The Radio Paschim Today is the top class content broadcasting channel at the locality of Kailali, Nepal. Other than in various regions, here it is also prominent among the individuals as it has started the transmission with the combined attempt for becoming the first ranked group stereo.

Radio Paschim Today Logo

Radio PhoolBari FM 100.6 Kailali

Radio Paschim Today always focus on the village development and research middle of function as the debate carrier on about the possibility and task, loyalty and discuss the lengthy run of daily issues. In the future planning it also has a plan to broadcast the shows regarding the farming, wellness, education and learning, kids and ladies. Listen also PhoolBari FM 100.6 MHz.

Some Popular DJ,s of Radio Paschim Today

Radio Paschim Today also conducted information daily in it’s under function. Now days, the top talk shows are transmitted by this station in the area. The dialogue and conversation, insulated with their own taste which are too fabulous. The co-workers not only take the feed backs from the Government and non-government companies, such as actions ranging from operating out in community hearings but also get the feedbacks regarding the experienced technical, stereo presenter and news reader applications etc. We suggest to our applications are regularly asks you to suggest us as much you can which reboots us to stay on our purpose. For the more ease of understanding it is also transmitting in the Nepali medium.

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B FM 91.2


B FM 91.2 MHz Nepal Listen Online

B FM 91.2 is Biratnagar centered stereo position run under Birat Shree Media System Pvt. Ltd which was authorized in the Company Registrar Office and obtained certificate No. FM 123/063/064 to run a radio location of 500 watt prospective on the 91.2 MHz regularity from the Secretary of state for Information and Communication on 6th Jan Since 2063.

The Management Panel of B FM 91.2 comprises of Dr. Gyanendra Man Singh Karki as Chair, Mr. Indra Khatri (Rajan) as Home and Mr. Sandesh Dass Shrestha as Executive Home. This station started it’s analyze transmission from 23rd Jan 2007 and started its 18 times frequent transmission from 1st of February. B 91.2 is a 100% YOURS local position having the motto “SUNDAI JAUN, SUNAUDAI JAUN” (Lets Listen, Allows Make Others Listen) that supplies daily dose of details, infotainment and enjoyment. Enjoy also Radio Paschim Today 88.0 Online.

B FM 91.2 Nepal is broadcasting a great genres of variety all in the Nepali Language. We are currently on air for 18 times daily (5am-11pm) with transmission prospective of 500 watts using state of the art digital accessories having transmitting accomplish all over Southern Nepal and protecting significant expert centers like Ilam bazaar and Urlabari along with significant areas of the area of Taplejung, Ilam, Jhapa, Morang. This radio will perform the responsible part to secure the independence of appearance of group fm, the speech of marginalized group, right for details to be recognized.

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Vijaya FM 101.6


Vijaya FM 101.6  Nepal Online

Vijaya FM Community Information & interaction Supportive Ltd (VICCOL) was recognized in 2000. It recognized as the Vijaya FM and first aired on Twenty-first August 2004 and tuned into 101.6 MHz. If we go through the background of this station and is run by Vijaya FM network which is a primary stage cooperative community, authorized under the area cooperative workplace Nawalparasi in 2001. The group centered will help to uplift the total well being of the inadequate and marginalized individuals by offering valuable details regarding personal privileges, earnings, group self-reliance, excellent government and individual contribution in decision-making procedure that affects their lifestyle.


Vijaya FM is working with a great vision of Self-reliant Model Community Communication Middle for positive community change. And it also has a mission to run the successful Production, transmission and publication of programs that attention the community, development and optimum mobilization of resources, use of recent technology, institutional development. After getting the rank of first in the Nawalparasi area & even in mid Nepal all because of its awesome broadcasting contents and the information. It symbolizes the speech of voiceless people. Vijaya FM has been recognized with the cooperative concept. The 1000-watts Transmitting prospective with all necessary accessories has been transmitting the programs through 4 local languages.

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Shreenagar FM 93.2


Shreenagar FM Nepal Live

Every fan is aware with the Shreenagar FM located at the too prettier and the interesting place of Tansen, Nepal. Today’s era is the era of technological innovation, science and growth in the interaction industry is pretty modify for simply solving the problems hence in this twenty first century all with the latest technologies we are working for the progress and promotion of communications industry. Shreenagar FM has given the electrical fusing concepts via any incident and immediately efficient way of typical group for the audience for listening and to be got advised. Most of the companies after the multi party program in Nepal area center Shreenagar FM started to set up its influence in other places upon the moment. All due to its wonderful UNESCO ancient town it was first of all initially known as an experienced Shreenagar FM Radio on Apr 13 Dec from 93.2 transmitted programs at while in Kathmandu it started on 28 Dec analyze transmitted. Nepali literature, culture arts and featured on their own along with clauses exposed to various opportunities and with the purpose of interesting applications transmitted i.e. Juliet sunrise to late night 18-hour trial in their own individual lifestyle and recognize the photographs.

Shreenagar FM 93.2 RJ,s

The kid from this Shreenagar FM busily assuring the equivalent importance of the program to be transmitted to the audience initiated resulting in indirect and direct. Its team is working with the interdependent connection and the deceased during which the fans obtained the FM letter, email, telephone and fax messages obtained guidance and suggestions to reflect the desire to have worked.

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Pokhara FM 95.8


Listen Live Pokhara fm 95.8 Online MHZ

The Pokhara FM is the most listen and the entertaining radio station present at the place of Pokhara, Nepal. It is doing a great job for the contribution to secure, enhance and spread local art and lifestyle. It has been recognized for the participation to advertise excellent spiritual custom and message dissemination in the whole location. It is transmitting its own unique genres of News and Asian Music which make it possible to attract the audience also from the Asian regions hence it also has the fans and lovers from the outside of locality which get entertainment largely from this station.


Pokhara FM is working with the aim broadcast the organizational message being official media hence it also playing its role for the information and learning not only for audience but also in the communication marketing. The announcers are the well trained for accomplishment of the totally free wellness programs of the area. The Pokhara station also working for the efficient transmission of festivals in the locality. With the 1000 watts of transmitting capacity and with all necessary contemporary accessories it has been broadcasting the program which makes the listeners to access it easily. Currently we are receiving the phone and letters from the audience which are full of appreciations and the suggestions which make us able to make our station jollier and the charming.

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Synergy FM 91.6


Listen Synergy FM Live Online

Synergy FM 91.6 MHZ, the first and foremost stereo position of Chitwan has led a remarkable record in media industry in Nepal. Since the organization in 2058 BS (2001 AD), Collaboration fm has been constantly affording in offering the details, music and enjoyment to its listeners. Synergy is the other name to details, music and enjoyment. With the tireless attempt in the area of interaction it has completed its dignified years of the success. Synergy FM is the only station of its type which provides the genres of Variety, Top 40/Pop, Asian Music which means it is the main hub of entertainment. Synergy FM is immense really like, assistance and company of all the audience have created it possible. Ever since the day of organization, it has successfully contributed to cater the needs of community, financial and arenas of the area. From its 2000 watt transmission, protecting most of the individuals in Narayani and Bagmati zones, it also has obtained an overwhelming response from its fans and well wishers since the very starting of its transmission. From the initial transmission of 8 times, we are currently operating 24 times daily.

Synergy FM 91.6 DJ,s

This Synergy FM 91.6 always tries to fulfill its liability not only via broadcasting applications but also by participating actively in community matters during several periods and occasion. No doubt, itself it has structured lots of social programs like communications, activities, trainings and so on.

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Times FM 90.6


Times FM Listen Live Online

TIMES FM 90.6 MHz is one of the top FM position in Kathmandu Valley managed by Valley FM Pvt. Ltd. located at Chabahil Ganesthan, Kathmandu at the Height of 1368 meter which is comparatively higher than other channels. TIMES FM is inclined towards the extensive range and varied program manufacturing. TIMES FM 90.6 generally generates the program which is currently in requirement by the audience via the extensive concept of programming. Times posses the resources and all the credentials to respond to its listeners demand. Communication community and the country should be recognized that it is. Firstly the glorious record of the wonderful tourist position of the old without issue after the census of digital promotion communications.

Times FM Kathmandu DJ,s

TIMES FM is broadcasting the stuff relating to education, wellness, cottage industries and travel and leisure industry despite numerous precipitations in the forums. In this occasion, before the country’s common group notifies organization and financial sectors engaged and the area is also designed to back up the boots tend recognized. Nepal Government Secretary of state for Information and Communication 500-watt transmitter has the prospective to consent to be able to begin transmitting its ability to enhance the 1000-watt. This Radio TIMES is younger individuals loving station in different styles is a nine member Panel. It has its foundation, providing importance to the great company’s goings.

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Radio Lumbini FM 96.8


Listen Radio Lumbini FM Live Online

The Radio Lumbini FM is the well known radio channel located at the area of Lumbini, LZ, Nepal. It is the first co-operative station in the south part of Nepal and operated by Lumbini Information and Communication Supportive Ltd. It is completely responsible towards the community and group. Radio Lumbini FM is impossible to imagine person as a distinct creature than other creatures in the absence of interaction and details hence it is working largely to express and exchange their thoughts, emotions, experiences, details humans have developed various indications of promotion communications like pictures, sculpture, audio, word, and script and efficiently developed the contemporary indicates of interaction as a result achieved to the age of digital indicates of interaction. Because of the rapid growth in the area of interaction, the whole communication market has converted into a tiny aspect of a group.

Radio Lumbini FM 96.8 LogoRadio Lumbini FM 96.8 RJ,s

Thus Radio Lumbini consequently, has been recognized as an efficient indicates of interaction in our community. For considering its contribution being a stereo, Lumbini FM has been recognized to be able to provide education and learning, details as well as enjoyment to the individuals residing in Lumbini Zonal position. It is also the first stereo outside Kathmandu area that is completely run by the local initiatives i.e. by farm owners, industrialists, educationists, lawyers, businessmen, teachers, reporters etc. It was recognized on 10th February 2000.

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Radio Audio 106.3


Listen Radio Audio 106.3 MHz Live Online

Social movements elsewhere 106.3 transmitted the Radio Audio is the only comedy. It is enhanced by the Government of Nepal Secretary of state for Information and Communication transmitted that they are now to begin the day, testing the lives of deepest. Radio Audio 106.3 is working hard to complete the requirement of the age is to discover the inherent information, skill and other opportunities and to utilize them properly. Other than the comedy stuff it also keeps its transmission on the subjects of achievements and failures and other fascinating resources of artifact, lifestyle and education and learning have been tried to include and this procedure will proceed further.

Radio Audio DJ,s

Radio Audio is the same way it also has the high aim to secure, to proceed as well as to succeed our traditional principles, to motivate the individuals to enhance the faults and weaknesses gradually and to end the increasing absurdity, escapism and negativity is the sole aim of the community. Our team has a mission to make conscious individuals of the above-mentioned adverse attitudes, it is necessary to have conversation. So, Radio Audio will pay its attention to put an end of the negativity. Within this area it is also broadcasting the information concerning the nationwide incidents, changes, novel research of science and technology.

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